CarFinder GPRS

The  CarFinder GPS intelligent tracking and reporting device is the evloution of quad-band track GSM/GPRS equipments, trace and locate in-vehicle telematic products.Featuring quad-band GSM/GPRS connectivity.

Designed for the most demanding fleet management operation, offering scalability, compatibility and added functionality to a simple cost effective track-n-trace operation. With embedded high sensitivity GPS and GSM antennas and automotive Molex Type connector, the CarFinder GPS is easy & quit to install.

Also, includes built in TCP/IP and UDP capability that allows for complete flexibility for a user in customizing a mobile tracker application.



  • High sensitivity 66 channels GPS module.
  • High sensitivity internal GPS antenna, with connector for optional external antenna.
  • 4 band (850/1900, 900/1800 MHz) Cinterion GPRS module.
  • Internal GSM multiband antenna.
  • Intelligent configurable event engine, easy setup, reports up to 3 different actions per event.
  • Turn by turn reports to guarantee the best possible tracking resolution.
  • Internal back-up battery allows for autonomous full , operation up to 10 hours and extended functionality with power saving mode.
  • Motion detector, shock and aggressive driving detection.
  • Multiple I/O: 3 Inputs / 2 outputs / 1 Ignition / 1 ADC.
  • One wire bus allows connection for additional serial ports, temperature and other analog sensors, ID readers, etc.
  • Serial port RS232 (DB9) for easy integration with any external device like mobile data terminals, barcode scanners, satellite modems or RFID tag readers.
  • TCP and/or UDP and/or SMS/SMPP communication protocols supporting up to 5 different IP or DNS destination servers and up to five SMS telephone Numbers. 
  • Binary and/or ASCII GPS protocols.
  • Full audio/voice port for two-way communication.
  • Store and forward: 7.200 events.

  • Compatibility

  • ECU Monitor.
  • I/Os Expander.
  • Ibutton accessory
  • Virtual Hour Meter.
  • Until 3 temperature sensors.
  • GPS with camera integration.
  • Jamming Detection
  • Ignition Sense.

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