MEXCOM offers the EMS Technologies' STORM terminal satellite phone, with service from Inmarsat for your remote communications solution.
STORM's compact, rugged construction provides reliable high-speed data-handling in a tough, go-anywhere format. The whole unit weighs just 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs) including battery.


STORM can send and receive voice and data at a standard speed of 64kbits/s - or up to 128kbits/s by bonding 2 terminals. Users can send and receive emails, access the Internet, send voice and fax messages, videos, still photographs; whatever situation you are in, the rest of the world is not as far away as you think.

STORM is usefull for:
BROADCASTERS: STORM caters for store and forward video, still picture transmission, broadcast quality voice, and video conferencing.
SURVEYORS: supports up to 3 hours of constant high speed data, and up to 6 hours of voice, with 50 hours standby time from standard heavy duty camcorder batteries.
DEFENSE:Peacekeeping and Disaster Relief duties, involving regions with a severely disrupted local communications infrastructure; where the STORM's rugged construction and reliable operation are essential features.
ANYONE: who requires a rugged, reliable terminal capable of providing 64kbits/s ISDN communication from remote locations.

Fast Data and Flexible Interfaces
Using the ISDN bonding interface to connect two terminals together, data transfer rates can be accelerated to 128kbits/s.

Ruggedly Constructed and Ready for Action
The STORM's tough construction can contend with some of the worst environments the world has to offer. Designed to combat the weather, it features a splash-proof indoor unit and sealed antenna unit. STORM is supplied in a soft carry case, but can be delivered with a specially-designed high quality roller case that conforms with airline carry-on regulations - offering further protection within a smart, portable package.

Powered for Performance
STORM uses heavy-duty rechargeable camcorder batteries, available from most camera stores, and provides constant high-speed data usage of approximately 3 hours. STORM can be powered directly from a 10.2V - 15.6v DC supply and has a wide-ranging AC adapter.

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