PDT - 100

The PDT-100 (Packet Data Terminal) gives you the power of respond faster and make the best use of all your resources. Its affordable, two-way real-time messaging, tracking and monitoring capabilities help you cut costs, improve customer service and boots operational efficiency.

How it works

The PDT-100 is used in:
Tracking : real-time GPS transmition wherever and whenever you need them.
Messaging : instant two-way free-from messaging.
Form-based reporting : over-the-air upload of forms for rapid, standardized reporting on pick-ups, arrivals, breakdowns and more.
Engine monitoring : real-time exception reporting of when set operating parameters are exceeded such as vehicle speed, idling behavior, hard braking and over-revving.
  • Two-way communications, real-time, less than a 10 second response time.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • L-Band satellite technology.
  • Patented omni-directional antenna.
  • Coverage of North and Central America.
  • All-in-one packaging.
  • Connection to optional DTE (Data Terminal Equipment).
  • Affordable Packet Data Solution.

  • The PDT-100, in conjunction with the ruggedized on-board terminal, has a flexible open architecture that provides the ability to support customized solutions.

    Control your fleet, boost productivity, cut costs and increase profitability.

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