MDT - 800

With the MDT-800 Mobile Data Terminal, you can dispatch complete job details, direction or messages to your field staff, utilising the Inmoware System.

How it works

The MDT-800 offers fixed cost, raliable and secure two'way messaging, providing fast and dependable communication with your fleet. Whatever your industry or the size of your fleet, the MDT-800 Data Terminal offers you affordale real-time productivity.


  • Eliminate message errors.
  • Simplify your daily communications.
  • Ensure that you can always keep in touch.

  • Effective:
  • Communicate all necessary information in one simple operation.
  • Dispatch messages to one or all members of your fleet in one mouse click.

  • Value:
  • Save time and money by streamlining your field communications.
  • Reduce your costs with the GPRS data network.
  • Dimensions: 163 mm (6.4") 142 mm (5.8")
  • Message Storage Capacity:175kB SRAM

  • The MDT-800 provides:

  • Low cost two way text messaging.
  • Status or free text messaging
  • Compact size.
  • Reliable and easy installation.
  • Communication with one or all fleet members al once.
  • Information quickly and accurately.
  • Better, faster, cheaper communication.

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