Satellite communication systems and satellite phones have been around for many years, and so has Remote Satellite Systems International. MEXCOM offers satellite phone service and integration of satellite communications into networks and other systems.

Maximize your global communications
The Iridium System is a satellite-based, wireless communications network designed to permit voice and data transmission to and from anywhere on earth, at any time.
If you work, live, or travel in areas outside cellular coverage or in areas with inadequate landline service, Iridium provides an immediate solution. Iridium Satellite Solutions global service provides coverage across all ocean areas, air routes, and all landmasses, even the Poles. A host of Iridium Satellite Solutions equipment options exist to meet your specific fixed-site and mobile communications needs.

  • Only two-way coverage that includes the world's oceans and polar regions.
  • Equip your employees with Iridium message receive units and reach them anywhere.
  • No special code dialing necessary.
  • Omni-directional, no orientation necessary.
  • "Walk and talk" capability.
  • Flat rates with no long-distance or roaming charges.
  • Special low portable-to-portable rates.

  • Corporations
  • Governments
  • Military
  • News Organizations
  • Adventure Travel
  • Rescue
  • Relief aid
  • Research
  • Humanitarian
  • Law enforcement


  • Headquarters-to-portable and portable-to-headquarters.
  • Field office-to-portable and portable-to-field office.
  • Portable-to-portable.
  • Personal communications.
  • Voice, voice-mail, call forwarding.
  • E-mail, messaging, web access, and file transfer.
  • Fax and enhanced messaging.

  • Coverage:

    1415 Hidalgo ST Laredo, TX CP 78040
    Tel: 956-727-7307