InmoWare is a software solution with the purpose of becoming the best monitoring tool for tracking vehicles via satellite and GPRS networks.

It is very efficient, friendly, safe and reliable due to the several tools that it posses for the work of fleet management.

Easy handle

Special Features

  • Graphic interface, easy handle for the user.
  • Route management, with a special window for monitoring all the active routes.
  • Security management, using different user roles for different privileges of access.
  • Sending and receiving messages from the base to a unit or a Group of units.
  • Updated cartography.
  • Remote monitoring of sensors (Temperature, I/O, engine stop, etc).
  • Event and alarms programming, such as geofencing, panic alarm, periodic events, speed events and motion events.
  • Practical and complete Reports with important tracking information, event information, and data consumed.


    Compatible Devices

    InmoWare can interact with foreign technologies such as PDT-100 from EMS, MSAT-G2 and CarFinderSat for satellite solutions, CarFinder Intelligent and CarFinder Basic for GPRS solutions.

    Web Service

    These are a group of services witch consist in real time unit tracking over the Internet. It also gives the option of sending and receiving messages, and viewing historical event reports over the Internet.


    It's browser-based client Internet portal can be accessed via any Internet enabled computer or device any time, from anywhere in the world. Global maps are served up from our central web server enabling clients to:
    - Locate and view fleet and other mobile assets.
    - Review historical fleet reports , and monitor asset location, condition and security status in real time

    Take advantage of the most advanced satellite tracking application.

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