GAN (M4)

The Inmarsat Global Area Network (GAN) gives access both to the high quality and speed of a full 64bit/s Mobile ISDN service and Mobile Packet Data service.
For enterprices, this package delivers cost-effective, virtually global comunications, providing immediate access to business critical information whenever it is needed.
This mean anything from high quality voice or wireless ISDN videoconferencing, to high-speed-e-mail and 64bit/s Internet connectivity.

  • Virtual private networks:

  • Privacity can be maintained by coupling data encryption with sophisticated security procedures.
  • E-mail:

  • Via GAN, users receive reliable, quick and easy access ro e-mail whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • Access to de Internet and Intranet:

  • The Inmsarsat GAN seamlessly integrates corporate IT networks and allows users to access their intranetor the Internet at any time they choose, from virtually any location.
  • Video communication:

  • High quality digital video including store and forward video, videoconferencing, video streaming, remote surveillance telemedicine.
  • E-commerce:

  • Fast, flexible and secure access to 24-hour trading for individuals and organisations throughout the world.

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